How about my feeling, at this moment?
I am a litter bit confusing,  but also calm and peace. Maybe the church time gave me a pure mind, with the songs singing,  the organ playing. Close the eyes, and hear the holy lyrics for the Christ!
We need to appreciate the endless endeavor of the god for the living lives;the huge pain of the god suffered for the belief; and the deeply love of the god for the world.
I am not a devotional Christian, also not an any other religious believer. However, one thing in my mind that I am blessed. I can be hardly other than grateful, for the sentimental emotion, the enlightened heart.
With booming voice, bishop under the suspended Christ’s  sculpture guided the prayer. Acturally, I have not idea about how loyal and holy of this ritual, but I know and can feel the former existent thing. That is my first Christmas!  With tears, inclining my head, without thinking of self alone, I only let my mind drift follow the chorus. To sacrifice the memory, taking hope and feedom!
Thus, I have been blessed!