Ying just a girl wants love.
She forgot everything in the cruel world, also the oringinal disire of humen being. Only keeping the persuit for her pure feeling, she needed a kind of possession, a snese of security. When she was young with a virginal and romantic bloom, Ying could not obtain simple happiness. Nevertheless, at that moment, she found a way out, with seeking happiness poorly. ——Her world was toppled down. She lost her ever agreement with a distinct one. Afther that, an endless tolerance, forgetting the past became the all of her life.
But Ying really had had a beautiful, fantastic experience in that island far form the mundane crowd. In the admired, also erotic lines by Gu, there are rather existing a sort of eternal and attractive beauty. Ying was so tender, alluring. With girl’s little tricks (named by Gu), Ying was so cute and naive.
She was a women in enthusiasm.
These are my gain form ‘Ying er’ and an other autobiographical novel.