I had a surprise it was so busy in the last night’s sky.
That ambience made me remember the ever Spring Festival in my childhood:The firecrackers shook the whole city, everybody was enjoring the new coming year in chinese lunar calendar. I think at that moment, nobody was not moved by a special kind of feel about the jollification. No reason, the only Festival is the huge reason, just like last night. Actually, I really love it. Happiness don’t need reason, and it exists for mood, for feeling, for everyone.
I like the burnt vermeil sky last night by fireworks, also thier crack. Even though, I stady here far away from my deeply loved home, but I can still experence the same scene. Where is my hometown? Nostalgia is the impression, and it is the port can console my adventuring heart.
We didn’t have a splendid feast as we take in China, but it was more meaningful and precious. It lets us know what is the important in our life.
2006, I get older   !!!  I hate the age changing on myself. I would like to stady in 23 forever , even it is impossible. hehe, however, it is my tiny wish for the new year.