hehe, today, I received the wook notebook mailed by my lovely mum. I really like it. It is touched so cool and also looked so fasion. However, the most important thing is it very fits for writting by my fountain pen. there are lot of space (blank) for marking. The quality of the paper is so good, and I even plan to keep the details of my daily life in it (different from diary), such as the daily recipe, movements,etc. Maybe, some day, I can take it to other countries to write down some beautiful sentences heared from museum, or the philosophical apothegms from the church.  I wonder——my dream. And off course, it will change to be a travel note for my 23-24. when I become a old duck, this will be my precious experience.
And another mentioned point is the lunar calendar. It has the lunar calender,which is so important for chinese. Actually, when I was in China, I did not pay an attention to it. Until I come out, I am aware that I really need it. Is it funny, or little bit ambivalent? What the hell!
I like the handy work book, so much!
Thanks, my dear mum, loving you!!