yesterday, I had already sent the ID letter to you. please check it, maybe one or two weeks later^_^.
I think your happy time will be coming, because it almost the end of May. This week, if the wether is nice, i will go to Apeldoorn which is quirt near Utrecht. It a place just like summer palaza for Queen or somthing like that. hehe, take Sandra’s car, and we will share the fuel fee. you should know something interesting: Sandra have a boyfriend who also lives in my place. at the beginning, i did not notice that, but i can feel somthing changing on her. Till yesterday. i came back from sport center, and i saw their hands tied toghther, so—. this time, maybe her new boyfriend will go to Apeldoorn. hehe i do not know why, i feel happy for other’s love affair. and that polish girl, Manda. i aksed her something about the job finding in Poland. i think the situation is the same in anywhere of the world: hard to find a good job. but you still can try. actually, i really have many interesting things need to share with you, even me, thinking  it like a joke.
and the Italy trip, we prefer living in tent. you know XX can borrow tent from someone else, so we think that should be the cheapest way, but i am thinking about the bath problems. I donot want spend my  first vocation in Italy with stink smell, especially in summmer^_^ . i also have to face the turth the low condition of camp place. I do not know how to deal with that. blessing me!
today, i ask XX, the guy living upstaris buy the travel book to me. i am waiting for that.
(Note: forgive me the reciver!! i paste our email content here. Because i think it a bit interesting, normal and daily tone. i like it )