Just like a breath time! the day befor yesterday was almost 30 digree, but these two days back to cool wether (windy, a bit shower). Maybe I think it should be the lovely point of Groningen’s wether. Any way, I no need worry about sunburnt any more, blessing !!
This month is absolutely a terrible month, but it seems I can still find fun from my work—come on!
      中午和大家坐在canteen一角喝着小咖啡,啃着我的小面包. 视野突然越过几张桌子,我看到了marc! 他还是不苟言笑, 很优雅的嚼着他口中的食物^_^! 其实是个可爱的人. 我不知道停了多久,穿过对面男人的耳朵,看了他多久.感觉像是隔了一个世纪—奇怪的感受!
      结果晚上拼命强睁眼睛学习时, 打开被敲响的门, 居然是他! an amazing world! 虽然不过邀请旧邻居去他的新家,可是—. 想起doreen来的时候,他敲了我的门,涩涩问自己拉小提琴会不会影响; 还有长长冬天,他带着塌着耳朵毛帽时可爱的眼神—. 这是相当美好的感受, that just what i want to say.
      听着Henk最爱的mompou, 我方才才知道他为什么对那张naxso出品的不起眼的作曲家的集子那么至爱.他的细节之美不是咋听能感到的.克制中充满了激情.
      "他的音乐就好像在巴黎的小巷里,毛毛雨中淡淡的,洇开来的少女的背影" by网友.
       Some words from Mompou:
      "all the drama of my life develops deep inside of me and is there created."
      "The best word is the unspoken world, I as you all know, am a man of few words and a musician of few notes. Music is the written that can be expresses. I wish that it should seem to come out of the shadows so to the shadows again, I find myself forced to find new forms. I believe that my music will never fit in a perfect world"
       "This music has no aur or light. It is a weak heart beat, you cann’t ask it to reach more than a few inches into space, but it’s mission it to reach the profound depths of our soul and teh secret regions of our spirit’s spirit. This music is quiet because one listens to it within. Contained and reserved. It’s emotion is secret and only become sound from resonance under the cold cape of our society. It is my desire that is music, should bring us closer to the marmth of life, and the expression of the human heart, that is always the same and constantly changing."—