Hopefully! this month can be ended smoothly.
    Almost dead right now: Two written exam, one oral exam, one research proposal, one business ethics praper.I also need time to eat, sleep, relax, sport, meet friend—this is too much what i want? or I am just that kind of person who alwalys gets thing easily? Maybe. Acturally, I no need feel guilty for that, because I indulge myself during working. I confess some part is really hard, sometimes up my head, but I can enjoy it. Busy but not tired. Tonight, I have to cram for research proposal for Tomorrow’s appointment with Ton. Nomatther till 3 or 4 clock, I must write a well organized proposal. What the hell of me!  边解释边浪费时间,^_^可是真的需要这样来休息一下.
    久别4月,又拿起quash的球拍,这项运动我喜欢.停的时候没有感情,站在那里感觉就来了.今天12个小时没有回家,有一个小时是奉献给它了.meng说那个扎着马尾的奇怪教练, 我喜欢! 他的有一股英国口音,说不出来,身上有种吸引人的东西.他很容易让人放松,笑容,矫健,说话的方式! 不错的人.他跑来教了很久,我问他了一堆—后来一直和他打.想想之前和那个年长的教练,似乎没学到什么,就知道把挥羽毛球的手腕姿势给改来,还让老妈千里迢迢弄了个护腕—not necessary,but useful! hehe 走前他问我下回还来吗? Of course, even i just pretend my friend to take it, that is not a big deal.
    so, i should stop with this viewy writting mixed Chinese and English.Stupid person!
    Take a shower, begin to work—find some ways to keep alert, strong coffee or black tee. However, the worst thing is I am already used to strong coffee, instead of the situation in 10 months ago—. God! I lost my last resort. I know that should be blamed to the frequent coffee break in the past months and my morning drinking habit—what i get to do.