Amazing!! my back hand has been improved a lot— Thanks god!
     The short videos from discovey are also amazing—they are informative and using exoteric scientific language, withing intereting topics— Nice! I am just watching how to improve people love life with a friend^_^! Actually, in psychology and biology ways to demonstate people’s reaction, people’s body is a real miracle. Some are animal instinct, I believe. Couple days ago, I suddenly begin to miss a wonderful book I read in my college life. The beauty of the Beastly, by Natalie Angier. But the funny thing is I read by translated chinese, this time I spend lots of time to find its real english name, awlful! so that I can borrow it from our university library. hehe Finally, I got it, so I will also have an amazing beginning of summer holiday. Later, I will post the brilliant parts from this book. "New views on the nature of life"—