The exact day, when we went to the wall house to attend Akiko’s exhibition, I forget—maybe last week, some day^_^!
I remember the first time I saw Akiko was in cora’s home: a samll and beautiful japanese girl, but she has graduated from Gerrit Ritveld Academie, and already has her own exhibition. She also the second one held personal exhibition in Wall House this year, after a spanish guy. I know from zhu the wall house is a special building or organization for new, young talent artists to make disign and public exhibition.
I do not know how to make a judgement, but  I believe temperament determining his or her work and design style. Akiko use colourful caddice, tranparent plastic to built a world, with a kind of video and female angle, and try to make a correlation between east and west sense: west formation and east content— One thing that I can make sure is I really like “the mini windows” on her works with plastic, through them there being a actural world, just like she said “the space of the wall house is liking floating on teh lake in front of the house and in the actural world” 
Besides, i like Sushi and Toufu, also Miso soup. I remmenber the first time we cooked miso soup in home. The materials came from Cheng’s stepfather, even it was a simple and instant soup—