“Christmas is for the people who love thier live”
   one film that i have to mention, is “Love actually” for the coming Christmas. I watched this film like times, which i can not count. I still prefer this film for this special moment. It absolutly a sweat movie for the Christmas. Here’s love is over the gender, age, background. Love with implusion, endurance, soreness, mercy;love with appreciation, spark, sweat, support. By the way, i insist this film fill with English humorous:smart, sagacious,implict. It also graspes the proper time to make a huge fun…
    I like the Jamie (Colin Firth) part. He was tpying outside, facing a quite lake in sourth France. The wind bolwed away all if his draft. The Portuguese servant (Aurella) tried to savle those draft, at that moment, her beautiful body curve and tattoo..like a stunner from another world.
   anyway, this is a film deserved to enjoy…
   “lt’s all about love…actually”
   “Love, actually, is all around”
(wish my firends merry Chrismas)