The tast of some cheese comes from heaven. Even, I can’t use any words to describe that beautiful moment, when you put them your mouth, let them melt on your tongue. That is a physiological gustation at the first. Then, every element from the inside likes the fabulous chamical reaction, though your tongue, your brain to your extreme feeling to food. Probably, that is my overreaction to yummy stuff, which i used to be .
With AJ just passing by the cute cheese shop, i really like the decoration of the old style, huge shelfs fill with sorts of cheese and the beautiful semll. We tried the free ones. Suddenly, we knew that was absolute dainty in the real world. “comte vieux” from France, “old amsterdam” from local (Aj recommented). Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally, we decided to watch “Weed” for the special performance of 36th international film festival rotterdam in G city. Actually, the chinese title “草芥” is more meaningful compared with the translation “weed”. The being with lightness, without high status, just the bottom of the society, that is what i know about “草芥” in chinese. This is China, not China. Immigration, Urbanization, health problem and XXx are the background for this film. A certian situation of life for a certain kind of class. Based on this angle, it seems a main stream for nowadays independent films (i guess), like “Babel” just finished the day before yesterday. The gloomy side of nowadays China, contradictions of social problems, which are acting on the individuals. No one can escape from that. There is a special technique need be mentioned: “The story, in which echoes of Kieslowski’s A Short Story About Love can be seen, is set at the time of the so-called Sars panic.” (PS: A Short Story About Love, that the one I like to watch for quite a long time.) This film for the first time is obscure. Surpassing the simple content, some modern film formations are obscure… Still, an interesting and critical film. Music, nice!