Actually, this is very funny! the issue about climate change. Not only because, after the documentary An inconvenient truth was awarded the best documentary in this year Oscar, the ordinary attentions shift to the environmental phenomena so called climate alarm, also in the scientific world, it has already become the hight light.
The advocates who support to limit the GHGs emissions,  collect more powerful scientific evidences to proof that the humen being accelerate the emission fo GHGs, which pretty much contribute to the recent climate chaos. The proper climate policyies as the consequences of prevetion and precaution are possessing important meaning for so called “sustainable development”. Actually, these opiniones are well accepted by them making sense. From internet, news paperes, pubulished scientific literatures, ect, you can absolutely get them handy, but in my impression, majority developing countaries just wake up. However, an totally oppsite reaction appears.
This Tuesday, Ton handed out us a recent paper from Nature “Lifting the taboo on adaptation”. It seems a certain hiding personnel leading this anti-climate policy paper pubulished. It is realy funny. Getting from one of our classmates the linkage of a online documentary named “The great global warming swindle” announced climate change, actually, is a kind of business. Without it, you can not get money, apply the research project from governments……blab blab. On the other hand, it earns a fortune from the related industrial and employment. It seems it nothing to do with environment protection, except for the benifit pursure. Probably that is ture in certain way, I guess.
However, the one thing I get from the debate war that both of them isolating themself. The evidence, ture; the a bit overeaction, ture; the other intentions, herpaps existing, ture. I am just wondering at the end of “The great global warming swindle”, which only mentions the developing africa countries. Those majority population still live in tranditional ways, which are far away from the morden eletronic, more energy dependent lifes. It just utilizes the obvious evidences to attack that limiting GHGs emissions is unequal. But for who? Perhaps, this is just coincidence. IPCC, Al Gore’s documentary… from US; the Nature paper i read , the global warming swindle documentray from UK. There is a old Chinese saying “狗咬狗-dogfight” coming up to my mind. Anyway, debate is interesting.