That day, 4th Oct, was fabulous!!!
Firstly, thanks IVEM to arrange such a nice ceremony for six of us: elegant hall, small party and cosy atmosphere. That is so sweat that Ton gave me that speech, which I had not expected before. The details he said was the my experience and gain from IVEM in the past two years. I am so appreciating what he said, so considerational!
I have to thanks zhu, my dear/lovely bf: his coming, share one of the most important moment with me; the bouquet with rose and lily; the cute piggy bank. Actually, he was the one, whom I do hope attend this ceremony. Also, thanks sander, ludovlek, ronald and wangli’s coming. Without my parents, however, I had friends and the people who love me to celebrate together. What’s else that I am asking for!
I am so glad that I meet IVEM and friends here. By the way, thanks dear zhu taking those photos.