Cheese cake 无论在任何时候、任何场合都是我的首选。我为cheese和各种混合的奶制品那种无法抗拒的风味而不能自拔。香滑,细腻的口感,是其他任何cake所不及的。在香港的时候,住在喧闹市井的上环,苦于无法在家烹饪。周六一早,携着室友到最近的西宝城(the westwood)一间叫Panash Bakery & Cafe,来杯cappucino 和块New York chese cake. 就足以当作一顿最滋味的早午饭。对我而言,不知道什么时候早晨醒来已经不能没有咖啡和点甜的。有cheese cake岂不是更完美!

在我的烹饪手记中,cheese cake有两大类:烤,或者免烤。

免烤就从Quark Cake (kwarktaart – Dutch)开始。我最早开始它,最简单不过了。超市有配好的包,懒人级别的。自己准备butter, quark, cream (or any other type of cream cheese, mouchou, yogurt), water 一混,塞到冰箱就搞定。拿出来的时候冰冰凉凉,quark腻滑清爽。当然,自己准备也很容易。底:melted butter and fine crumbs digestive biscuits (消化饼); 心: well beaten quark, cream (or yogurt), mixed with melted galetin, sugar, vanilla seeds (or extra). Cooling down for 3-4 hours, then serve, with syrup, jam, or fresh fruits (whatever you like). How simple it is!

(leee’s quark cake with cheery jam)

Another variation Lemon quark cheese cake

需要烤的cheese cake在我的厨房手记中有很几种分法:有crust,或者没crust; 隔水烤,或者直接烤;分蛋打,全蛋打的filling。我常常是因为记心太差,搞出了新花样,而我的cheese cake因此很少有一样的。最最拿手的要数pumpkin cheese cake。漂亮的橙红色,还有南瓜吃到口里让人暖暖甜甜的滋味,这款cheese cake非常适合天气微微冷的时候,因为你更本不需要把它放到冰箱里冷餐,吃起来就像松软的spongy cake 但是有南瓜和奶酪的味道。en, yammy!

 It is pumpkin cheese pie:

Crust pie: butter, plain flower, pinch salt

Pumpkin cheese filling: cream cheese, pumpkin puree, egg (no beat), cream, sugar, vanilla, corn flower

This is pumpkin cheese cake (no crust, egg needs to be beaten, baking in water bath)

Tip: – 3 different ways to beat egg 1)only beat egg white, 2) or egg york 3)whole egg. You will suprising have 3 different textures.

–  Water bath gives the enough moisture, and keeps the flavour of cream cheese.

                                             (Lemon cheese cake, baking in water bath)

I also tried no to mix the egg white and cheese filling well (no intention). Then, you will get lovly two layers texture.

Last, but not least: New York Cheese Cake


I still intend to make a little fun with it, maybe a bit variation depends on my personal taste, and see what happens.

(All food and photos by Leee)

P.S. A recent try: Grand marnier cheese cake.

I do not have Tia maria in the kitchen, but I indeed have this lovely lovely orange liqueur – Grand Marnier. Why should I replace by it? It works, nice summer, cool cheese cake.