“You will never look at dinner the same way again” –  That is what I doubt about. At least, food is food, and it is feeding us. However, it is an interesting documentary worth to watch, insight of the food industrials, revealing the systematic consequences of today’s monopolized cooperation in certain food production chain. Somehow, I feel it tries to blame the whole issues to single and solid objective. In this case, let’s say multi-international cooperation. Why individual is so vulnerable and easily to be pushed over! On the contrary, the united cooperation of those individuals suddenly turns to be the super power and trouble maker.

We can accuse toxic ingredients, bad processed food making us fat and sick. What is the drive keeping them so achievable in everywhere? We can criticize industrial destroying the peasants’ benefits and their agricultural way of living. Does that necessarily mean going worse? Have we ever been proud of our trajectory of development? I think we do. I would think that is an easier solution, if you could leave problem for others. Who should we actually blame for, and what are the distal factors? Or, we should stop to blame, rather see us retrospectively: to confront the problems as ourselves, instead of opposing ourselves a blamable enemy, which is totally driving away from the healthy solution. It is really encouraging to see that people who use the creative idea and keep their integrity, have their influence in the society in different levels.

I would imagine I will have an influence in the future. Today, I would rather be like a simple consumer, but who is an environmentalist, but not extreme, and care a lot about health and the quality of food. What I like to do: avoid the processed food as much as possible (home-make always is the number one); fresh ingredients are always my first choice (e.g. my kitchen has no beverage or any other sugar drink, or artificial food flavoring); no any intention to have own car, but rather like bike and public transport. Last but not least, believe that. Sometime give up own convince and try not be that distinctive (not my favorite) is quite challenge, but I could live deeply and think differently.

P.S. Lees’ personal poinion.

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