One of my biggest hobbies during travelling is to buy local products, just as what I have here – Sardinia Fregola. This tinny bean like pasta has firstly captured my interests since last year our winter trip in Sardinia. I was happy to travel in the low season, because of all cheaper cost. Sadly, also not that much choice for the decent restaurant where we would be able to go out, We were supposed to have the best seafood dish. Anyway, maybe, we could recreate some island atmosphere at here the far North.

Since I have never tried single dish made in Fregola, there are quite some alternative receipts out there. The more, the harder to decide, until we accidently had a fabulous risotto dish in Amsterdam. That may be something I could recreate with my Sardinia fregola. I can’t forget the creamy and rich flavor. En, just melting in side, I have to try.

Here it is, my creamy seafood fregola.

What I have used: Basic vegetable stock, seafood cocktail, onion, garlic, lots of parmesan, a big spoon sour cream, parsley, pepper and Italian herb mix….en yummy, for the hungry belly and the picky tongue..

Ready for a new trip

(photo and food by leee)