Back to my very first coffee maker, it was about 7 years ago. I spent 10 euro something to have a standard drip coffee maker in my small student room. It was actually after a very long struggle, converting from a tea drinker to tea&coffee hybrid drinker. I am not going to talk about quality or whatever, but about the influence and the start.

We absolutely have no tradition at home (p.s. I mean the region in the southwest part of China) to drink coffer whatsoever. As a novel lifestyle, coffee drinking has secretly invaded into our life, I guess since 90s, but only in extremely minor part. Let’s say, when you try to be different, or be a bit “modern”, or even “westernized”, then with a cup of coffee or even talk about it can make you so. For my Chinese tongue and the huge obsession of tea culture, I had never been fun of such burnt and bitter taste. I did not care about such novel either, as a part of my teenage rebellion.

Interestingly, our region is actually one of the very important resources of Arabica coffee production in China, nowadays. It seems that the first coffee plant was cultivated by a French missionary in 1890’s, when the eastern adventure was popular. He must be nostalgia, or eagle to share the taste he used to. Unfortunately, it did not change our lifestyle thereafter. However, it could be overthrown in another way.

For me, it has started from the very first drip coffee maker. I came from the no history of coffee drinking. The only reason which I could fall for it, is taste and smell. Just like tea leaves, we could have a life time to explore it, and coffee beans is the same. I start to like it, as treat every other nature taste, but by a bit man-made manipulation. A perfect Sunday morning, you only need give me a cup of coffee and any type of sweat booming. I will be so satisfied.

The story 1: After my first drip coffee maker was broken, I have brought the French press cup. I spent most of days at office and drank the office coffee. Again, I am not going to talk about quality, but abut habit. 1-2cups every day, try the ass off to control the amount. This handy cup has been traveled with me to Hong Kong, when I tied to keep the “westernized” lifestyle there. Still have the fresh memory, Sunday morning, drop by the bakery shop to search the coffer and sweat booming with roommate together.

The story 2: I have received this Moka pot from a friend. It has been extensively used this year, only in the weekend, because it takes a bit attention and time. If you are fun of a bit traditional and simple way, Moka pot is suit you well.


The story 3: I have recently received this Lavazza espresso maker. I love it, reason 1 – good price, accept as a gift and no so much burden; 2 – has a fancy design and colour, I am a colour driven person, do not like boring silver or black (even it may be classic); 3 – I love Lavazza coffee; 4 – has milk steam, which means….





The last, coffee.  D.E is my favorite Dutch brand. Then, it will be Lavazza capsule.


(Above are leee’s coffee maker and  all photos are made by Leee)