Without those writings, how could fulfill the passion and interests for food and/or food related lives. Here are those writings, but not all, which have made me.

 They are sorts of food magazines, with different styles and ideas.

I also like free edition from local supermarket, not all, but AH one is definitely the queen of free. I have made a scrapbook, especially

containing all the interesting receipt and food photos from AH magazine. I think it is already 5 years old.

Multinational cooking is my favorite, because as long as it is delicious and it really does not important where it comes from (p.s. unless I would like to know more about it). French cooking basically invades everywhere. Therefore, I have my Asian, Indian, special Chinese classical ones, and Italian writings. Most only provide receipts. Recently, I am falling for those combined with deep feeling, just like “Made in Italy” by Giorgio Locatelli.


Off course, I have my categorical editions, for instance for pasta, pastry and cheese cake.. I am absolutely a devoted fun of sweat, Chinese flour made food.


Besides, some edited cooking books are so valuable for beginners or those who want to learn more about basics techniques. “The Cook’s Book” is definitely the first I would like to recommend. Although you might find a big mix of top chefs’ little bit, which might not be that deep and professional, you will be surprised how practical this book could be. An amazingly useful! “The Bread Bakers Apprentice” is another example which is written by bread baking processional (Peter Reinhart), yet with endless passion and innovation.



I have to say it is difficult to find good quality Chinese cooking books, but we do not lack of very good food writers. I am very mush enjoy their personal bond with food in various ways. We can all love food from different angles, different perspectives. Off course, those in English could also give you a brand new vision of how the lives have been changed and influenced by food. They are just good writings and stories, and something to do with food. En, “Fortune cookie” by Jannifer Lee, “Kitchen confidential” by Anthony Bourdan, “Heat” by Bill Buford, several books by Nigel Slater, Rachel Khoor, Kylie Kwong, Neglia Lawson……


Or you can have the books about kitchen eiltes, like..

It might be only pictures. For me, 2-3 is top amount.

Come from my background, I can’t miss book with insightful discussion and scientific observation. Again, something about the society issues are related with food, health, disease and research. Gary Taubes is the one with criticism and ability.

As cliché, food could be involved in the whole life stories and different aspects. That is why I could enjoy those various writings, limited in or beyond the topic – “food”.

(All books are leee’s collection, and all photos are made by leee at home, enjoy!)