Since I left home, I really seldom have memorable  Chinese New Year Eve overseas. Something was missing, and most of time no atmosphere. As Chinese, no festival atmosphere is the most tedious moment. It could be a bit noisy, messy and bustling, what we need is the feeling for celebration by the special surrounding.

I can not forget years ago the Eve in Singapore. It was the best ever overseas Chinese New Year Eve (see old blog here). With endless and bustling atmosphere, you could enjoy different street foods, lively bazaar, shows and tons of people….. Mostly, that is something I can not take daily, but exactly needed for the Chinese festival.

Yesterday, I indeed had another good Eve. Started with free celebration show and very good quality music, I particularly liked the concept of combining Chinese traditional piece, media and orchestra together, by using Mahler’s the song of earth. Libai’s poem as lyrics is so beautiful. I think Chinese poem is probably the most beautiful one to express the deep love for nature and the soreness for the unstoppable elapse.

Accompanied with a nice and authentic Sichuan cooking in SANSAN, which is also seldom found in NL, we had great time. Luckily, I could even follow my child tradition and enjoy lantern show… such a day…Wish all friends 春节快乐, most but not least, enjoy every moment of the greatness of the life.

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– 仇远

(all photos by Leee)