Few weeks ago, I have been in Westergasfabriek for FFF 2014 event. Since then, I already feel in love with this specious and industrial designed region. It is definitely the place to have urban and fun events. Go to “Rollende Keukens” (Rolling Kitchens) was just to full fill my desire for revisiting Westergasfabriek. However, we had great great fun in this surprising good street food event. I have seen such event in other places via TV, but never here before.

Little trucks have been painted and renovated into any unimaginable cute formats. I have been sick for years for the terrible sacks served in any music or outdoor events. Street food, somehow is used to fatty and fast, here is still fast, but green and innovative. You can find absolutely real grill. The  pork belly was roasted for hours by a group of punk “chefs”, mixed with a bit sour cabbage and pickled onion, and staffed into Ciabatta. That taste masters the true flavor pork, and it reminds me the unforgettable grilled pork belly in South Korean (finally served together with Kimchi). It is really funny to see the unbelievable similarity of Western and Easter way of mastering the amazing pork belly. Anyway, there were several other bloody tasty pieces we have tried. Eventually, food is food, and taste good is the king. I felt in sleep in the train during the way back to home, with happily filled stomach.

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