Still cannot believe, it took so long to start my Thai trip. I guess about more than 5 years. I have been moving, working hard, travelling around, and finding balance in the passed years. I could be happy, sometimes stressed, sad and recovered, circling and arsing.  This time, just so easy to say go, and I finally did it. It was a wonderful trip, and again make me feel love it more. For myself, it is probably just the moment what I really need after all of these and those.

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Soup and noodle20150217_104039

Sit down aside on the street to have simple clear noodle soup, floating boat rice noodle soup with braised duck breast meat in floating market, mini fish ball rice noodle somewhere in Chaing Mai, oyster sauce stir fried wide noodle (phat si io) in Phuket town market, rice noodle are like daily snacks which you do not want get rid of. When you are lightly bit hungry, to have a good portion of warm rice noodle in clean soup, it is just so comforting and healthy. The soup is most time pork meat and bone stock, and it has special meaty freshness and goes perfectly with rice dish. You can have separated clean pork bone soup or pork blood soup, and eat together with rice noodle or Khao Kha Moo. Or, you can order the number one famous Tom Yum Goong, as a twisted type of Thai curry soups. If you are in love with sweet and sour flavor, Pad thai is definitely served as the king of fried rice noodle.

Thai Curry

Only when I visited Thailand, I have understood that I have cooked home Thai curry in a20150217_101830 wrong way for quite a while. Based on Indian curry, I only add lemon grass, fish sauce, coconut milk, Thai basil. It actually contains much more and different fragrant herbs and flavor than what I usual did. There are actually 4-5 types of ginger, Thai basil, lime. I have been always wondering where the green and red color come from green/red curry, and I have never truly believed it comes from chili. Maybe, just some color herb/root power has been added, like turmeric adding the beautiful yellow to Indian curry. It turns out it is actually chili, fresh green chili, red chili, dried chili, spur chili, bird’s eye chili…

Thai curry should be hot with chili spicy, not spicy from other spices. It, however, also contains amazing and distinguished fragrant from kaffir leaf, lemon grass. Thai curry does not really use so much onion as typical Indian curry, maybe shallot. With plenty of coconut milk, it should be juice with rich sauce, or even soup like. Together with jasmine rice, it is just so perfect.

20150217_120824You can get signature Thai curry from night market, local restaurants, or a bit trendy new styles Thai restaurants in luxury department store, even from yourself during attending Thai cooking course. It is tasted good everywhere. I probably still prefer those local restaurants, eating a plate portion Thai chicken curry in a very casual and relaxing environment, surrounded by busy local eaters. It is just amazing food in your mouth eventually. Another perfect way to really understand Thai curry, you can always following Thai cooking course. It already becomes a part of touristic experience. I am a person not bad at cooking myself, and spend quite lot of time caring about cooking and food, but I still think that such touristic course is such a good enter to get to know Thai curry. Curry paste is just fresh hand prepared and grinded, and as a matter of fact you could contribute to grind. It is really joyful to see some much beautiful ingredients lying in front of you. At that moment, in the very end of my trip and after eating so much incredible food from central to south to north, I have understood the essential of Thai cooking is about the secret fresh treat from nature and smart preserved flavor. The preparation is the key of Thai flavor, and the actual cooking sometimes may only take few minutes.

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P.S. All photos were taken by Leee, during thai trip Feb 2015.

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