For most Chinese, official new year only starts from the lunar new year. Although I am not particularly bonded to that, I do like the idea and feeling of festivity and good food.

Back to years, the memory of Chinese new year has been stopped in my childhood. Over the years after, the abundant and excessive food during this particular period is overwhelmed and not attractive anymore. Meanwhile, I am also a bit cynical for all festival and family formality, which is more often involved with emotional and compulsory burden. When you start to challenge and ask “why”, it becomes less interesting.

Since then, I have being lived abroad for a while, and seldom have opportunity to seriously celebrate this event. First few years, in order to keep up, Chinese friends got together to cook some food. By the years going by, such reunion is less and less, due to the come-go immigration, not-practical daily schedule, less culture bond abroad or occasionally getting bored of the idea of celebration for celebration. In the past ten years, I have only two times being at home with parents. Even though I have always at least 1~2 times per year for family visit, Chinese new year visit, just the idea, has always made me panic. The whole attention about “going home –回家” is advertised everywhere, or even as a propaganda of traditional culture of Chinese way of nostalgia. If you are unable to go back home at that particular moment, you probably should be pitiful or even deeply and morally punished. Then, I start to wonder how and where this whole concept comes from. Sometimes, I just want to criticize why other moment does not account, even it might actually have more bonding quality. I am not against the festivity and fixed family reunion, but just not pleased by the altered drive, which most time has no content what so ever, and yet makes me psychologically panic.

I do not miss the only idea of being together at that moment, but rather a real communication or reunion. I do not miss the splendid food, but with huge amount of tossing away in the end. However, I start to enjoy my own and secret Chinese new year. In fact, I like very much to read and enjoy how our ancients celebrate each solar term “节气” and define what to eat with it time to time. I guess it is original idea of living with nature. In such manner, I can fully experience the real way of celebrating new year though the entire year. Unfortunately, that is what is missing in current “spring festival 春节”, the very fundamental reason of celebration. I am indeed a bit obsessed about how the beautiful poems try to capture the joy of coming spring, the very detailed customs about what you should follow. Rather than just doing, it shows a unique aesthetic way of sense and living. Then, I start to miss it. It was the rule: the less, the more.

As the moment to welcome the new year, I would like to go though the just ended year about what I have gained and lost; be prospective or promise to do better; maybe just eat dumpling “饺子”, or yuanxiao “元宵”, or any other very one very symbolic dish; with few people could have real quality time for good companionship; or with people could really appreciate the value of festival food or life stories of yours or theirs. My very secret Chinese new year probably is driven away from the known Chinese atmosphere “热闹”. As long as you can real enjoy and understand, why should punish yourself being different? It is all about festival feeling afterwards.

My secret fun list of Chinese new year


The Guide toChinese Dumplings: a look at thirty-six dumplings from all over China





第一场春雨的来临、被雷声唤醒的冬眠的动物、夏天里即将成熟的植物种子、秋天晶莹的露珠以及冬天迷蒙的雪天……这都是二十四节气里对季候的精致笺注。也是中国人对时间的审美,他们将天意之美融化到世俗生活的方方面面。 (The aesthetics of time for Chinese )


大家的春节都怎么过?有什么特别的习俗?,吃一顿美美的除夕宴,然后一起看春晚?还是急匆匆吃上几个饺子就和大家一起抢红包?当然,这都是我们现代人的春节了~古人的春节是什么样子的呢? (How the ancient Chinese celebrate Chinese new year ?)


China Seasonimage 

BBC Two celebrates China; a country 4,000 years in the making.



去年元夜时,花市灯如昼。 月上柳梢头,人约黄昏后。 今年元夜时,月与灯依旧。不见去年人,泪湿春衫袖。  (Those poem for Chinese new year)

China’s food

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– Amazing snap shoot of the beauty of Chinese food, a photographic journey by Wolf Reinhart (all photos from online)

Last but not least, Happy 2016 猴年大吉!