Soul of handmade

Morocco is absolutely one of few countries with very much traditional, yet dedicated handmade culture. It is probably due to its not yet industrialized economy, or warming-up tourism. However, when you get lost in Fez’s medina, you might encounter all sorts of craftsmen busy with repairing shoes, sewing leather bags, or craving wood. Although you could get a full handmade leather bag from local shop as every other tourist, the way of producing such bag by several handmade processes is astonishing traditional. It somehow likes lost process which you can only see back to centuries. Today, they are still using it, not for tourists, but just their way of living as craftsmen. When workers are standing in tanning ponds with bare foot, sharp and very unpleasant smell from dead animal skins, remains or maybe pigeon feces are drifting around. Carrying very ancient way of tanning gives Morocco centuries’ reputation in leather making. Just like most of other tourists, I was deeply touched by what I have seen, a piece of amazing yet living culture and history.

(All photos by Leee from Trip in Morocco, March 2016)

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