Science & Health 

How sugar affects the brain : An amazing TED short video describes why our brain is addicting to sugar in  physiological evidence and explanation.

Sugar: Hiding in plain sight

What really matters at the end of life : Once you have seen the dying process in hospice,  you might understand that the living meaningfulness of life might matter for subtle and often negligible moment. A beautiful and sensational talk by  BJ Miler.

 Russ Altman:what really happens when you mix medication? In the era of data science, it is not just discussing about or taking advantage of using only the name, but be able to truly sense the great power of data and improve the fundamental understanding of knowledge. In this case, drug interaction, a great and innovative talk by Prof.dr.Russ Altman.


Know around

Spring & Arnaud : Very last life journey with Arnaud and Spring – Art, love and mortality are explored through the lives and work of artists Spring Hurlbut and Arnaud Maggs (quote).

The history of the bicycles : If you would like to read a bit history about the healthy and handy transport tool.

The Mekong river with Sue Perkins: Travel with Sue to see and reflect on the dramatics changes along the Mekong regions, all the way from Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao to China.

Transgender Kids : With Louis Theroux for his excellent storytelling and documentary.


Art & Design

Marcel Wanders : One of most famous Dutch designer.

Stedelijk Museum: One of my favorite contemporary art museum


Food & Travel

Anthony Bourdain: Please read his “Kitchen Confidential” first, then watch his No Reservations, Parts unknown.

– Jamie Oliver : The reason why I fell in love with Jamie is not about his cooking, but the way how he tries to use food to care and link the society.

Rachel Khoo: Looking at her warm and colorful outfit, when she cooks, you will definitely like this cute girls.

– Nigel Slater: A cook who write

Rick Stein: Admire and enjoy his passion and trips for southern Asia cooking

Yotam Ottolenghi: He is chef with multiculture background, but, who I feel in love with recently.


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